March 2015
The initiatives that Maronites On Mission currently offers
 1. Food runs - every Thursday night in the city (Woolloomooloo and Martin Place, we cater for approximately 150 people. We have a full roster for this run and are not accepting any new volunteers at this stage).

- Every Thursday we prepare sandwiches and other food for the evening distribution. We start at 9am and finish at approximately 11am
- Every Sunday afternoon, we feed the homeless / less fortunate at Prince Alfred Park in Parramatta. We cater for approximately 50 people. Volunteers usually turn up to the youth house at St Charbel’s Church at 3.30pm to help prepare sandwiches etc. We usually get to the park at about 5pm and usually are done by about 5.45pm. Volunteers can meet us at the park at 5pm if they live in the Parramatta area. All volunteers must be over 18 years of age. Volunteers are rostered on approximately once a month.
2.  Home Visits : Maronites On Mission also has a home visits program where we visit struggling families once a month or once a fortnight depending on need at their house. We provide them with some companionship and food packs (also see if we can help them in other ways). At present we look after 15 families. A pair of volunteers meet at St Charbel’s church to pick up the food pack before they head to the family’s home. Volunteers make their own way to the family’s home which could be anywhere in the Sydney metropolitan area, usually spend 20 minutes or so with the families and they have to provide a report to the co-ordinator after the visit is complete.
3. International Missions: Maronites On Mission goes to an international mission to the Philippines every January. We work with a religious order (Missionaries of the poor (MOP)) to help the poorest of the poor in the slums of Naga. We take over 20 volunteers split into 4 different teams (medical/dental, building, educational and general) to assist the MOP in serving the poor.

       Last year, we also had a small group headed by our bishop to help Syrian refugees in Lebanon. This year we are trying to plan a mission to Iraq to work with a French organisation that helps christians in the middle east.
4. Counselling Service: We are also Currently in the process of starting a counselling service for our community as well as for the poor people that we come across
5. Nursing Home Visitations: We also visit nursing homes, Children’s hospital wards, disadvantaged youth, etc. as part of our Christmas initiatives.

      MoM relies on the generosity of the people and the volunteers to fund all our activities. We do not have any paid employees and basically our only overheads are the van maintenance costs. The premises at St Charbel’s church is used as our base to store and prepare food, etc. There are no rental, power or water bills. All is covered by St Charbel’s church. With an annual fund raiser to help our local and internationl work.

If you are interested in any of the above initiatives, please send an email to expressing your interest with a contact number and we will be in touch.

That is easy - as you can provide

A.  Cash - for purchase of supplies to help with our daily initiatives.
     Donations can be electronically deposited to: Maronites on Mission Inc. BSB 112 879   Account No. 421715055

B.  Food, drinks, etc. Be it cans, fresh fruit or a cooked meal, baked cakes etc for feeding the homeless each
     Thursday and Sunday. Please contact us by email or phone for details for drop off point.

C. Volunteer to prepare food or just help in the kitchen in preparation for Thursday and Sunday dinners:
      Thursdays usually starts at 9am and finishes approx. 11:00am

       Sundays usually starts at 3.30pm and finishes about 4.30pm unless you go along to assist
               with dinner distribution which finishes at 6:00pm

D. Volunteer to assist with other areas listed above that might suit you
     - Please send us an email to and we will contact you.

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