- starts at 12.30 pm

The lunch format so far has been a full sit down meal including fresh fruit salad and ice cream for those that still have room.

On the odd occasion we may have Pizza, a Sausage Sizzle or a Take-away meal.   

Come and be surprised!!


Whilst we enjoy desserts, we draw the winner of the lucky door prize(s).

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*** “2nd MT Lunch” at Blouza Hall, Granville ***

For all the 50 and over  Blouzawians  !!

Held every 2nd Tuesday of each month during 2015

The format is as follows :

The hall will be open from 9.30 am until 2.30 pm and you are invited to join us for part or all of that time.

Please note, there are no charges or entry fees.
Just show up & enjoy.

There is a lucky door prize(s) !!
MORNING TEA – starts at 10.30 am

Morning tea commences at 10.30 am for all the 50 and over  Blouzawians or if you have a day off.

Morning tea will consist of Tea, Coffee, biscuits, nuts etc. and the best company you can enjoy.

You can just enjoy refreshments while you chat or have a game of cards or backgammon.If you have plenty of energy or wish to work up an appetite then you can join the

Maintenance Team.

– usually starts at 9.30 am

Usually, we will mow the lawns and tidy up the grounds and List or do small repairs to items like tables and chairs etc.

This keeps your hall in excellent condition for all users including wakes, external renters and annual functions.

Special Annual Event

*** “Kamle & Afifi Knitters Sewers & Chatterers” group,  Thank you Luncheon ***
Held annually since 2006, see below, have invited all the 50 & over  Blouzawians
to join them during September each year.

Kamle & Afifi Knitters Sewers & Chatterers” group, Thank you Lunch. 

Held annually by the families of sisters Kamle Habib and Afifi Younis.  All ladies who assist with knitting  and sewing of squares for “Wraps with Love” are invited to this annual thank you luncheon for their support in knitting over 470 blankets (2006-2014)  since Kamle started Knitting back in 2006 at the young age of 90.   All the regulars who attend the 2nd MTLunch are also welcome to join them . The 2014 luncheon was the 4th luncheon held at Blouza Hall.  Prior to the Blouza Hall, the luncheons where held in the backyard  of Kamle’s home in Lakemba – under the olive trees – Many good memories – Thank you to all who continue to support this wonderful work of providing blankets to the needy around the world.  Over 300,000 blankets/wraps have been knitted and distributed worldwide to the needy since 1992.

Anyone wishing to assist with the knitting can contact Halima Yammine/Habib  for details and wool  on 0409 600 796